Genuine TV service people can do circuit board repairs.

Television service has evolved through the years from extracting your vacuum tubes and taking them down to the pharmacy to utilize the tube tester, to the current LCD and plasma TVs measuring 2 yards from corner to corner that contain not any consumer attainable parts. Home TV service has progressed from TV repair man with a “tube caddy” to professional people who have a wide variety of tools and test gear.

Gradually the malfunction rate on consumer electronics dropped considerably and the cost fell as well. Currently the consumer electronic suppliers have pushed the price down to the point that malfunction rates actually are increasing above where they were a decade of two ago. It is not uncommon that customers give us a call about a 15 year old television that performed faultlessly that whole time. Even though our recommendation is that television sets that old are not repaired, the quality of the more modern product hardly ever equal the older workhorses.

Due to the plummeting prices and quality a fairly large percentage of cheaper electronic products will go straight to the garbage dump after slight obsolescence or failure. For the more expensive TVs and stereos that malfunction, repair is normally the best choice. Your neighborhood TV repair center has kept pace with the latest technologies and is prepared to take care of your service wants.

At least in part as a result of reduced warranty payments by television manufacturers a brand new type of TV repair man has immerged; the ‘trunk slammer’. The Urban Dictionary defines a ‘trunk slammer’ as:

“Derogatory term for a contractor who has minimal skill, experience and equipment. Trunk slammer implies the contractor works out of their car trunk, with no office or licenses and they will likely be difficult to find if the client is not happy with the work.”

Let me add to the previously mentioned definition that trunk slammers almost never have workman’s compensation or liability insurance. Without insurance, any accident inside the customers home falls in the homeowners insurance coverage. More serious than that, if the trunk slammer technician injures himself within the customers home, the home owner might possibly wind up footing the expenses for an extended term disability.

Hard cold reality is that the trunk slammer technician may not simply swindle you, damage your home or ruin your television, they could ruin your whole life. These people often have fancy programs and large advertising budgets because what they are not paying in taxes, licenses, test equipment and insurance can be spent on advertising and marketing. Over the years there were a couple of successful TV repair operations that were run out of a really well equipped trucks. Basically a rolling TV repair shop. However there was not very many across the whole United States and I’m not aware of any in the Chicagoland area. In any case, television technicians which don’t have Television service shops, office staff members to answer the telephone, or a business license, You ought to steer clear of them.

Rex Service Company is a member in good standing with Electronic Service Dealers Association (ESDA), National Electronic Service Dealers Association (NESDA) and National Service Alliance (NSA). Rex Service has a business license in the Village of Worth Illinois, has workman’s compensation insurance and legal responsibility insurance coverage. Rex Service is likewise graded positively by the BBB.

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